The Andaman Islands are a group of archipelagic islands located in the Bay of Bengal between India to the west and Burma to the north and east. Of the 572 islands, islets and rocks that constitute the Andaman and Nicobar chain, as little as 36 are inhabited. Ritchie’s Archipelago is the name given to the 9 emerald islands east of South Andaman. Of these, Havelock Island is the largest and the most popular holiday destination.

Virtually inaccessible for centuries and long shrouded in mystery and legend - these undulating islands have just started to emerge on the independent traveler's list of must see places in the world. Due to the government's strict controls, the added stigma of a former 'penal colony', and the untiring efforts of environmentalists, the Andaman’s still retain their original wild untamed character and remain breathtakingly pristine and beautiful till date.

Wander for miles on practically isolated beaches, simply relax in a hammock or experience a fun-filled family holiday. Complete with an array of exciting activities for all age groups, Havelock has it all and is definitely the place to be!